November 21, 2012

Mr. Mario…Once upon a time..

Bresciani is Bresciani because of Mr. Mario Bresciani. Will not bore you with his CV, as you can find it visiting our web site , but just talking about the roots of his “adventure”.
Once upon a time…in a little village close to the Alps, in North Italy, just after the second world war, a family was living in a countryside court, with other 30 families. They were waiting for the return of the chief of the family from the war. He come back home after being prisoner in Germany, but unfortunately he died because of the wounds reported. A young woman and 3 little childrens. Mario was the first one, and he started working when he was a little child (aged 7 years at that time).
The beginning of this tale is very similar to the history of millions of families after the second world war…
back in the ’70
More to come, stay tuned…

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