April 6, 2013

Matching the colours of your sock to…?

After talking about technical issues and investigations about production’s details, let’s take few minutes to talk about fashion issues.
How people select the colour of the socks to wear ?
The are different schools of thinking about this question which is the real problem of today’s world..
Most of peole are matching the colour of the socks to the colour of the trousers, some to the colour of the shoes…
Personally we think it is a good option to match the colour of the socks to the colour of the tie (if you ever will wear one) or to the colour of the sweater you are wearing.
Unless you want to go wild and wear socks macthing no other piece’s of your wardrobe colours, just to “be different”.
Finally..just wear the colour of your “mood of the day”; for us the only important matter it is that you will wear OUR socks… 
Have a nice and colorful week end !
socks’ flowers

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