January 30, 2013

The little boutique of socks’ experiments

Our lab is like a vulcano, always warm and ready to explode with something new. Most of time we are playing with new yarns, cooperating with our suppliers in developing some new and unique sock. We are now already thinking about 2014 and we have a lot on the table : deer, guanaco, vicuna, alpaca, cotton/ananas, cotton/banana (some of them are very funny, yes..), wood fiber..
Vicuna, Deer, Guanaco, Alpaca…
It is a work really taking time and money, but this is in the DNA of Bresciani and it is one of the most exciting things about our job. Not all the experiments, of course, will arrive to the stores, as the process to test them is very long and has to follow strict rules.
Ok, it’s time to go back working now..