January 26, 2012

Made In

Discussions about “Made in” are going on more and more on the web. We can certify our production is made 100% in Italy and 99% in our factory (we have only a couple of styles we outsourced from an Italian friend who has a machine we are missing).
The yarn we are buying is spinned in Italy, following all the rules of REACH regulamentation, very strict about the consumer’s health care. The soap we use to clean the socks after production and to test the yarn is certified too. All our production is strictly complaining the EU regulamentation.
All this of course has a cost for us and we are pleased and proud to pay it.
When talking about “Made in” and difference in price compared to others Countries, we hope the final consumer keep in mind what we are doing to protect the health.
As a Company we don’t feel better or worst compared to others Companies in others Countries, we are playing the game…only we hope everybody is following the same rules, in order to compete all on the same “battle-field”.
We have recently invested in one washing machine working without using the water, another step on our way to make our factory “100% pollution free”.