February 23, 2012

Where everything starts

Several times we discussed about how fundamental it is the yarn selected for production when talking about the quality of a sock.
Everything is starting from this step : selection of the correct yarn and quality control of the same.
We have suppliers working in patnership with us always looking for the best quality and performance.
Every season we select new yarns, we test them, and when we are 100% sure about, we add to our collection.
Image from the Cariaggi web site

Of course the base of our production it is Egyptian cotton, but we are doing a big volume of sales also in finest fibers such cashmere, cashmere and silk, wool and silk and Super 140’s wool.
We are trying to give to our consumers the always the best quality and always looking for better.
Very important is it the count of the yarn (in previous posts you can find information about what it is and why it is important).