May 10, 2012

Something for the ladies : overknee

Bresciani is not a men’s brand only, we love our female fans too. That’s why we have a ladies’ collection. Mostly in silk, cashmere and cashmere/silk, as women wear usually no socks during Summer.
The idea was born first trying to re proposing the old silk overknees, made up on flat machines in the ’30 and then cut and sewn by hands. We had the idea to revive the classic “stripe” on the back of the sock, at that time the seam of the two parts of the sock and make up a very romantic and high class accessory.

100% Organzino Silk overknee

Starting from there we moved to cashmere and silk, our 2/60.000 count 70% cashmere 30% silk, very warm, light and comfortable for Winter. This quickly has become our best seller.