October 23, 2012

Spring 2013 : Colours and Colours

Socks’ trend for Spring 2013 is still colour. Bright colours, sometime in bold design, but mostly old style revisited. You may be surprised we are talking about Spring 2013 when Winter 2012 is not yet on his way, but factories are used to think at least 9 months ahead. We are now already working on Winter 2013 collection, already selected the new yarns and selecting the new styles. Production is running Spring 2013 production and shipping department is sending out the last Winter 2012 parcels to our retailers all over the globe.

Spring 2013 production
It is quite difficult to manage with the right timing all the process. We have to think in the meantime referring to different seasons, split in the window of 12 months. We are working now on the collection will be in the stores next September 2013.
Can’t show you all the new styles now, as we need to create a little suspense…stay tuned !