June 11, 2013

Bespoke socks

One of the main issue about producers it is that producers can manage their own production and their research, quality and development department.
So they can use this department as they want, also if sometime working on special projects it is not economic on a financial side.
Working this way for Companies just marketing and not producing, it is too expensive.
So the progress are coming 99% from producers.
Said that, one of the project we developed during last year is the “Bespoke” sock. Our socks are already a kind of “Made to measure”, as we are proposing 9 different sizes for men, as usual competitors go for one size or at least small, medium and large.
But we did something more : a sock completly made on personal measures : the lenght of the leg, the wide of the calf and the lenght of the foot.
Just experimenting now with selected retail partners, but first customers’ feedback is enthusiastic.