November 16, 2013

Going back to the future

Details are important at Bresciani
During last months we had several discussions about the future of our industry. The big brands are bigger and bigger and are melting all together in big groups, taking over 90% of the market….and the small ones ?
I think our future is in our past. We have to go back thinking at the idea of the small artisan boutique, were everything was made to measure and kind of “one piece” masterwork. Maybe not litterally, but the concept is clear : who can’t afford big advertising investments, has to put all his energy in  giving to the final consumer the best quality and service.
In the past the artisan’s boutique had as customers the neighborhood, now, with the web, the audience is the world and is more than enough for a small Company.
So…all little details are important and the service too.
We have 120 different yarns in our warehouse at the moment, 6.000 design in our Archives, 200 new styles every season, just in socks and now we are going to reply this for our underwear line.
Do you agree ? Comments are welcome !!