July 26, 2014

Everything matters

Several times I wrote about business, quality, factory, production, marketing, sales…big systems…global economy..but when coming back with the feet on the ground, I understand little details can be important parts of all this “machine”.

Details like a lady who is retering after 40 years taking care of one of the 12 quality controls we have before shipping our production and nobody able (or willing to) to take her place, notwithstanding 1 year of research.

Details like the last supplier of organzino silk surviving, who is declaring bankrupt.

Details like the producer of a little spare parts for supporting the needles of our machines, who decide that he had enough and closing down the factory.

Details, details…but a factory is like a complicate watch : 1.000 components and ALL OF THEM matters. You have only 999 ? Doesn’t matter, the watch is not working.

Have a nice week end