March 27, 2015

A visit to Filmar

We often said on this blog how much is important a quality yarn in order to produce a quality sock.

we have years and years of close partnership with our suppliers. One of the most important is Filmar (

There is always something to learn and something to develop, so we pay them regular visits.

The technology behind their cotton is something really amazing and their quality controls are very strict.

Do you know why Filo di Scozia is the best cotton ? The cotton’s staple is void inside, because the lymph is flowing inside it. The process of mercerization (the base of the Filo Scozia) is keeping this “channel” open, so the fiber is absorbing the sweat a lot more compared to the not-mercerized cotton.

This is only one of the thing you can learn visiting Filmar factory.


For more info visit

there are 130 people working there and they have one the best testing lab in Europe.


A lot more to come..