May 14, 2016

Web changed the market’s rules

As producers, we produce for our Bresciani brand but we produce for other brands too.

The situation is that Bresciani is growing season by season.


I believe the web is the main reason.

People has now the tools to look for the best value for price and compare all the different brands.

Small brands have now the power to communicate their products without investing millions in advertising (by the way, this is money that small Companies never had).

This mean that we can invest all the money in keeping the quality and the service.

It feels like to be the old artisan in a small laboratory based in a little village in the most remote village up in the mountains, who magically has the power to open his windows to the entire world.

Customer fell that behind the brand there is real people, not only managers, marketing services, call centers… Of course this is for better or for worse. But it seems the consumers are appreciating this “back to the past”.

What is the key point ? The key point is that fashion is fashion. Customers are always looking for something new and keeping the attention on the brand during the years is really difficult.

But in this case too something is changing. Maybe due to the crisis, people is more and more looking for something that will not be influenced by the passing.

Our “evergreen” styles are the best sellers…

It is actually a long and complicate discussion and…we have too much work to do and so little time for discussing…


Have a great week end !