September 24, 2016

What is driving your shopping?

As a small artisanal Company, we have in any case to deal not only with managing to produce the best quality possible, but also developing the best style and finally marketing our products.

I would say the last part is the most difficult for people like us.

Our main target is focus on production and style. Marketing is not really in our background.

But the world is marketing today.

As you can see from the reports on the magazines and newspapers, it is quite a difficult year for fashion’s Companies. The economic world situation, the wars, the tragedies, the terrorism, after causing terrible disaster all over the Earth, have at last a bad influence on our work too.

And it is not only related to the matter that people has less money to spend.

In our case the problem is people lost the desire to shop.

Too many problems in the minds of our final consumers are killing the business.

Notwithstanding this situation, our Bresciani label keeps growing season by season and from Winter 2016 you can find our socks also at :

Neiman Marcus – USA

Loden Frey – Munich

Trunk – London

Beymen – Instanbul

These are the last “new entries” in the Bresciani world.

Have a great Autumn everybody !