November 9, 2011

The legendary “linking machine”

We already posted some weeks ago about the famous “hand linked sock”.
We told you about the process of the hand linking, which is possible thanks to the support of a machine expressly made for it.
Now, to make it more clear, we are posting some pictures of the machine and the process.
It is called “hand linked” because the manual component of the job it is mandatory, as the worker has to link point by point the knitting of the sock to the needles of the machine. Then the machine, using a thread of the same yarn used for the sock, links the two parts of the open toe.

There are different kind of machines with different numbers of needles, because of course the linking machine has to match the same number of needles of the machine producing the sock.

For mass production or for casual socks production, a different machine can be used, but we will talk about this matter in another post..