April 11, 2012


I suppose not everybody heard about Vicuna. The Vicuna is an animal living on the mountains in South America, having one of the finest hair in the world. For years the trade of vicuna yarn was forbidden, because to have the hair the only way was to kill the animal. Luckly today they found the way to have the hair without killing or injuring the animal, so we are able to work this incredible hair.
In our continuous quest for the finest yarns, we are developing our vicuna sock since 18 months ago.
Now this 35% vicuna 15% silk 50% Super 140’s extrafine merino wool sock is born.
We are proud to present you our 400 $ sock. Only for the brave. You can decide now either to have one week holiday in the Caribbean or having one pair of socks : it’s up to you !
The Vicuna sock