May 10, 2013

Knitting points

Beside of the fitting of the sock, the number of needles is influencing the look too. More needles the machine has, more knitting point the design has and, consequently, more defined it is.
Our machines with 260, 240 and 216 needles are the most fine on the market (for men’s socks).
This is why we are able to reach a good definition of the design.
Better then this you can only have the print or the embroidery. When working on a new desing it is very important to understand how the threads are moving inside the sock, in order to have a good fitting. Too much inside threads could mean very difficult wearing (too tight fitting) or danger when wearing the socks (the fingers can “link” the thread and pull them).
Not so easy to make a sock, guys..
A close look to the knitting points