December 12, 2014

Taking care of your socks

To have a quality sock it is important to use the best quality yarns. This is the most important detail when talking about quality. You will never have a good sock if the producer used a low quality yarn.

We highlighted several times on this blog how it is important that yarns used are following the rules of the REACH regulation for the protection of the health of the final consumer, so we have to say that the yarn should be not only high quality but should also be safe for the skin of our consumers.

Said that, then the ball is in the field of the user.

Quality and natural yarns are of course more delicate compared to synthetic ones.

Washing a wool sock at 60 degrees is not a good idea, as it’s not to tumble high speed a cashmere sock.

Basically you have to wash and dry your socks using the same care you use for your quality sweaters.

The rules are simple : don’t use water warmer than 30 Celsius and hang the socks to dry.

If you can, don’t tumble and don’t use the drier. Using it, is not a problem for the cotton socks, but can be a problem for the wool and the cashmere socks.

Enjoy your quality socks !