October 12, 2013

Not only white

Bresciani blue T Shirt


Underwear classic colour is white, there are no doubts about, but not only white.
In our collection we propose white, blue, black and grey, in order to give to our friends more options, as our T shirts are so fine and the details are so accurate, that you can wear them as outerwear too..
In all the blogs about fashion you can find the issue about the number of stitches per inch as a very important quality detail. It’s true, more stitches per inch you have more fine and high quality the product is. We sew our underwear the same way the best shirts’ makers sew their shirts, to give the best comfort and best quality.
We use the best jersey quality, but we already discussed about this in previous posts.
…and in the meantime the last socks flowers of the season are blooming ..