11 Aprile, 2014

Why socks’ web sales are booming

During last years we faced a new trend in the market. More and more retailers are going on the web and a lot of them are on the web only, without having a real store.

We already posted a list of Bresciani retailers on the web.

But why this is happening ? At first we have to say that this is a world’s trend. Everything is on sales on the web today. It is like to have an open window on the world. And you don’t have to pay the rent for the shop and salaries for the sales people on the floor. Of course it is not¬†that easy, as retail on the web has a lot of other costs, as promotion, management of the shipments and returns.
Second : socks are quite easy to sell, as the only information needed is the size. People has to be already familiar with the quality, but today it seems this is not a big problem for web buyers.
Third : socks are now an important fashion accessory, as it was the tie during the ’80. Colours, fancies and style are requested and people are paying attention to all these issues.

So you have a wide selection of our socks at www.customshirt1.com (Kabbaz and Kelly), Mr Porter, Mes chaussettes rouges, Italiandipity, Berg & Berg and A suitable wardrobe. Enjoy shopping !