14 Giugno, 2014

What is really making the difference ?

When you have to buy socks or underwear, what is really driving your decision ? We always invested all our energies in developing the finest quality. But today is no more enough.

Service it is the other key word. Still we are dealing with retailers and on-line retailers, so final consumer can’t experience our service, as there is not a direct thread.

So we come to style : yes, it is important to have a good collection. Styles, colours, fitting…all these issues are part of the puzzle.

Better to have the best quality, the best style or the best fitting ? Possibly all of them.

And do we want to talk about packaging ? Don’t you think more and more the box is important as the product ?

And last…if you have all these details, but you don’t advertise …

The real matter going wrong way today is that this last point became the most important. It is a world for big players. To advertise more you need more profit, to have more profit either you go down in quality or you go up in price.

And the small ones ? Thanks God we have the web…you can invest more in quality and advertise on the web. It’s not enough of course, but it is always something…

See you in Florence next week folks !