12 Luglio, 2014

The important is the concept

More and more, somehow I have to say unfortunately, the “box” is more important than the product itself. I mean : having an excellent product of high quality it is no more enough. Since years we are pushing our final consumers to understand why a 240 needles machine produce better fitting socks, why a 90/2 count Egyptian cotton is better than the others, why hand linking is making a difference…

But we have to face the reality that mostly of final consumers buy only because “they like it”. They are impressed by the style and the “look” of the product. And if you have a nice packaging, a nice box and a nice concept…your percentage of sales increase a lot.

Difficult to manage for small, semi-artisanal, Companies like ours, spending all the energy and time working on the product only. But you can find a good team taking care of the marketing part.

So we did. If you would like to have an idea, just visit our shop in Moscow at Crocus City Mall.

See you there !