17 Novembre, 2014

Once again about Made In

From time to time the focus is on the discussion about the Made In.

The matter is quite complicate, as it is involving a lot of social, economic and ethical issues.

From our point of view everybody has the right to stay on the market, but everybody has the duty to declare the truth.

If you produce in Italy, you have to use the label “Made in Italy”, if you are producing in China, you have to use the label “Made in China”. That’s quite simple.

It is a matter of honesty. The final consumer has the right to decide what to buy, having all the correct information about the origin of the goods.

What we produce here has to follow all the rules of the REACH regulamentation for the protection of the health of the final consumer, the people working with us are under the protection of the law and they work in a safe place, our factory is following all the safety’s rules…the list is quite long and including an high taxation too, which is supposed to exist to make the life of our citizens better.

This is the same for made in Italy, made in USA, France, England…

It is the same in other Countries ?

you can buy cheaper of course, but keep in mind there is a reason for everything.