9 Luglio, 2015

Respect for the work

We already noted in previous posts, how important is the work of all the people here in the factory. Once again we have to remark that, behind the big marketing plans, the big “words”, the talk about the style…first there is the work of people who will maybe never be on the stage, but is the base of everything.

We still have some lady working home, in the village, and this morning I visited one of them, to bring some socks to hand link. She is 60 and living alone in a little apartment, working in a little room of 6 square meters, listening to a 30 years old radio…

Can you believe that without her precious work, all the things we discussed on this blog, the socks on the 5th Avenue in New York, the socks on Rue Francoise 1er in Paris… would be impossible ?

The world is moving in another direction, but first should be the person, second the profit.

And we have to maintain dignity to the work.

Work should be on the stage.