Gennaio 18, 2016

Pitti 89

…and another Pitti is gone.

More and more public relations, press and advertising during the show. And that’s good.

But Pitti is born as a trade show (and luckly still it is).

It is the occasion to meet our retailers, share info, discuss trends and do our job : collecting orders for the Winter 16 season.

For medium/small Companies it is the only occasion to have the collection on the stage.

Most of the Companies attending don’t have the power to attend the fashion weeks, catwalks or to place their collection in the big show rooms.

So Pitti it is an unique occasion to meet old and new customers.

And to have a little press.

I will not talk about the trends as you will easily find all the info on the web, but I can tell that exhibitors were happy about the trade, notwithstanding the world’s complicate financial and political situation.

About our collection : also this season we have our “classic” collection and our “unica” casual collection. Two completely different concepts. Two completely different kind of retailers and final consumers. Both collection did their job very well. So…


Long life to Pitti !


See you in June.


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