17 Dicembre, 2018


Bresciani OEKO TEX® textiles socks

We are perfectly conscious to be in the high segment of the market because we decided to produce 100% in our factory in Italy, because we use only the best yarns, because we keep our technology updated with latest machines, because we follow all the rules concerning safety of our people and of our final consumers…but..

but as a small Family business we have to face everyday a new problem : turbulences on the exchange rates of the currencies, increasing of duties and taxes, bankruptcies of retailers, dumping, unfair competition, brexit..

We have to face these problems with the few human resources we have dedicated to this part of the business, since most of the people are dedicated to production, in order to keep the prices low and not put on the product further costs.

Latest one is the increase of prices of wool and cashmere yarns. What it is really frustrating it is that this increase is not due to an increase of demand on the markets, but it is due to a pure speculation on the raw materials’ market. Once again financials game are impacting the real economy heading to problems for Companies and final consumers.

Please believe our Company is trying to keep the prices as honest as we can and nobody in the Family has a Ferrari in the garage or a villa at the seaside.

We just love to produce the best socks using the best yarns.

Maybe to most of the people these words could just sound stupid, but  people who just want to make an honest profit from their business will for sure understand what we mean..